Table Tennis Ball

Table Tennis Ball

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    • 39mm Balls: Older, smaller table tennis balls used for faster, aggressive play. Not commonly used now.
    • 40mm Balls: Introduced in the 2000s, bigger than 39mm for slower games and better for TV viewing. Standard in international play.
    • 40+ Balls: Slightly bigger than 40mm and made of non-celluloid materials like ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) for durability and safety.

    Celluloid vs. ABS Balls:

    • Celluloid Balls: Traditional material, good bounce and speed, but flammable and not eco-friendly.
    • ABS Balls: Made of plastic, used for 40+ balls. Safer, more durable, and less affected by humidity.

    1-Star vs. 3-Star Balls:

    • 1-Star Balls: Lower quality, for practice or recreational play. Less consistent performance.
    • 3-Star Balls: Highest quality, meeting international standards for competitions. Consistent bounce and durability, used in professional matches.
    11 products
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