Badminton String

Badminton String

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    Badminton String Price

    Model Elasticity Feel Power Control Durability Gauge Price
    BG-65 Low Soft Good Average ★★★★★ 0.7mm $22
    BG-65Ti Low Hard Best Low ★★★★★ 0.7mm $25
    BG-66UM Best Medium Medium Medium Poor 0.65mm $25
    NBG-98 Best Medium Poor Good Poor 0.66mm $28
    EX-63 Good Hard Good Poor Poor 0.63mm $28
    EX-65 Best Hard Poor Good Poor 0.65mm $26
    BG-AB Best Medium Poor Good Poor 0.67/0.61mm $28
    BG-AS Best Medium Poor Good Poor 0.61mm $30
    ABBT Best Medium Poor Good Average 0.67/0.61mm $30
    BG-80 Good Hard Medium Poor Average 0.68mm $24
    BG-80P Good Hard Good Poor Average 0.68mm $25
    NBG-95 Good Medium Good Medium Good 0.69mm $28
    BG6 Good Medium Medium Medium Average 0.66mm $23
    VBS 70 Average Soft Good Medium ★★★★★ 0.7mm $23
    RAINBOW - - - - - 0.7mm $23
    GOSEN 58 Best ★★★★★ Best Good Poor 0.58mm 26
    GOSEN 65 Best ★★★★★ Medium Medium Poor 0.65mm 25

    • = Below Average


    • Add $15 for stringing service.
    • No warranty on stringing.
    • 3 days processing time.
    • For express 1-day service, add $3.


    All racquets purchased from us need string please select in the order
    Or place an order together with the string and note the string tension as 22LBS by default.


    27 products
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